FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


How can I enroll at UNAM (high school level)?
Entry to UNAM is via an admission exam (COMIPEMS) and you can check the announcement call in the next address:

How can enroll at UNAM (undergraduate level)?
Entry to UNAM, undergraduate level is via an admission exam; in the announcement call you can find all the information that you need:

Is it compulsory to present the admission exam to enter an open system undergraduate program?
Yes, you must present the admission exam, in the following adress you will be can find the requirements.


Where can I find information about online education, open or remote system in the UNAM?
In the Coordination of Open University and Remote Education Internet address.

Where can I check the curriculum of the degrees that the UNAM offers?
The curriculum of the degrees imparted at UNAM can be found at:

Where can I check my academic record (grades)?
Your academic history can be found in the General Direction of School Administration and can be consulted online in: http://www.dgae-siae.unam.mx/ By choosing the option: « access to SIAE ».

How can I change degrees, campus or shift?
You must follow these procedures in your School or Faculty and in the General Direction of School Administration you can check the campi in which you can follow these procedures. http://www.dgae-siae.unam.mx/mnu_act/act_tra_proc.html

I want to study a second degree or simultaneous degrees
Check the requirements in the General Direction of School Administration: http://www.dgae-siae.unam.mx/mnu_act/act_tra_proc.html

Where can I fullfil my social service (undergraduate studies)?
UNAM counts with numerous social service programs, the catalogues of the institutions in which you can carry it out can be found in your School or Faculty; you can also check them in the General Direction of Orientation and School Services.


Can I be informed about the procedure for graduating and obtaining my degree?
For further details about the new forms for graduating at UNAM, check the General Direction of School Administration’s site in its section: « Titles and Grades  »


 In case of any doubt, write to:


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