Audio Guide

Guide of rights and duties of UNAM’s students

  • This guide, that contains the rights and duties of UNAM’s students, was published by the National Autonomous University of Mexico, via the OOAR as a part of this organ’s permanent diffusion activities.

Download Name Play Size Length
download a Introduction

4 MB 2:56 min
download b Principles

10.5 MB 7:39 min
download c Rigths

2.3 MB 1:39 min
download d Academic situation recognition

1.6 MB 1:09 min
download e Enrollment and permanence

8.3 MB 6:02 min
download f Academic evaluation

5.1 MB 3:43 min
download g Graduation

1.6 MB 1:12 min
download h University achievements

1.4 MB 1:00 min
download i Disciplinary procedures

2.5 MB 1:50 min
download j Participation

4.6 MB 3:23 min
download k Access to services

1.7 MB 1:16 min
download l Claims and complaints

1.4 MB 1:02 min
download m Glossary

4.5 MB 4:56 min
download n Pro-handicap documents

1.1 MB 1:11 min

*Voice: Luis Pineda