The Office of the Ombudsman of Academic Rights searches solutions to each conflict presented to it, according to its competences, always respecting principles, this ombudsman’s following features:

•    Independence
The Office of the Ombudsman of Academic Rights acts independently from any academic authority, yearly it gives account to the Academic Council and the Rector, nevertheless it is not bound by such authorities, for it represents the general community and protects the Academic Legislation.

•    Imparciality
In each case the Office of the Ombudsman of Academic Rights carries out, it acts in favor of truth and equity, not being a representative or lawyer, it maintains its commitment and objectivity in its researches and decisions.

•    Accessibility
The Office of the Ombudsman of Academic Rights is within reach of each member of the academic community who searches for a solution to a problem which falls in this organ’s competence. To achieve this approach to the community, the Office has established diverse communication channels to receive and attend the academic community’s claims.

•    Confidentiality
A basic principle of the Office’s activities is to respect the confidentiality of each and every case carried out by it. This increases the confidence in the search for a solution while also respecting the personal information of solicitants and authorities.

•    Conciliation
The Office searches for the best and fastest solution possible, looking for an approach between the people involved to, as much as possible, find a friendly and fair solution. 

•    Gratuity
It is a university right to receive the Office services free of any type of charge.

•    Monitoring university's legal order
The Ombudsman nature is linked with the respect to legal order, so the Office demands that every authority complies with the mandate conferred to them by University Legislation and normativity.