Ombudsmen for Academic Rights Meeting 

The Red de Organismos Defensores de los Derechos Universitarios, REDDU, was created 10 years ago with the objective of achieving full collaboration between the Offices of Ombudsmen for Academic Rights. This happened in a period in which this type of Office was emerging in Mexico and Spain; in the Mexican case, these institutions were the result of a mixture between the Scandinavian model and the Spanish “Defensor del pueblo (Defender of the people)” model. This mixture led to the creation of this Office in 1985. The complete story of these institutions began in Vancouver, Canada in 1965, and continued in the U.S.A in that decade.

In 2015, UNAM hosted the REDDU’s Ombudsmen for Academic Rights Meeting, titled: “La Defensoría de los Derechos Universitarios en los Umbrales del Siglo XXI a 30 Años de la Creación de la Defensoría de los Derechos Universitarios de la UNAM (The Office of the Ombudsman for Academic Rights on the threshold of the XXI Century, 30 years after the creation of the Office of the Ombudsman for Academic Rights of UNAM)”.

This Meeting was held on October 22nd and 23rd in “Dr. Ignacio Chávez” Seminars Unit, having presentations from many different national and international universities.